Welcome to the Dark Side of the Moon, by which I mean Burning Crusade. The Soundtrack for Burning Crusade is the product of the same team as the original World of Warcraft OST, just a little more so. After the massive scale of the original game, Burning Crusade afforded a chance for a more focused approach, with less zones overall. And that’s why the full version runs to some nine hours long!
It's believed Pink Floyd was an inspiration for some of the Burning Crusade Soundtrack. I wouldn't doubt it. Pay attention to the opening of Shattrath, then listen to Shine on you Crazy Diamond.

Is a brilliantly beautiful zone with a very chilled out soundtrack. The beats are very smooth and laid back, yet they can be eerie with the echoing quality of the horns. It’s an evolution of the original game’s Soggy Place soundtrack, taking it in a different direction from the foreboding foghorn. Instead there’s the rattle in the background which adds the texture of falling rain. This one in particular benefits from the gentle lapping of water that the ambience of the zone provides in-game. Bereft of that it’s interesting but not quite up to the standards of one of the other tracks I’ll get to soon.

Is really something else. While all the Burning Crusade tracks are unique. Netherstorm hits you like a storm breaking. The electric guitar builds into a great beast, growling and baring its fangs. It never loses that edge either, even as it progresses through the track into quieter but no less subdued sections. It also feels exploratory. There are moments when it feels like just the instrument hitting notes, seeing what’s out there with a broken up, throw-it-in mentality. It feels like it could go on forever, its anger outlasting your curiousity

Azuremyst Isle
But at last we come to my favourite. Azuremyst Isle was a slow grower for me. Originally I enjoyed the soundtrack of the Exodar, the Draenei capital more. However that changed as I compared the two on relisten. The full Azuremyst suite tilted the comparison in its favour. On one level it’s as simple as the other tracks, with pipes playing softly against a background of the rattles. It has instrumental similarities to Zangarmarsh. Where Zangarmarsh plays up the mystery however Azuremyst relaxes. Like a stream compared to a waterfall it flows at a lazy pace, allowing you to sink into the little details. For instance these soundtracks are supposedly all created digitally yet there’s something that sounds distinctly like someone taking a breath at 14:38

That’s it. There is of course far more WoW music that could be talked about. There’s Howling Fjord’s bagpipes or the new music from Cataclysm and Pandaria but I’ve restricted myself to the game I know. What are your favourites?

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