I've dipped in and out of Divinity: Original Sin before. It's an RPG released by Larian Studios back in 2014. It was received so well it got an enhanced edition a year later, free to the owners. Larian are rather like CD Projekt in regards to their development. They're earnest, forthright and committed to making good games. Alas my attempts to get co-op games of Divinity have been abortive. The game has engaging combat and even social combat but ultimately it's too much of an RPG for two people to play together. People don't like communal reading. So I started playing it solo in earnest.
It's servicable.

Graphically it's good. The cartoony air does make it difficult to take seriously in the darker moments. The colourful world does keep it engaging though. It's different to the more grounded RPGs I usually play and characters stand out, monsters are particularly distinctive in design. The graphics lend themselves well to the subversive humour of the game. Taking the talent pet pal allows you to talk to animals and they are the most entertaining NPCs with all sorts of madcap dialogue.

The real shine is the combat system. It uses an action points turn based system. Each character can learn a number of abilities dependent on their skills and employ them to take down enemies. There's more to it than just that though, Larian added environmental effects along with a number of abilities that can cause and affect those effects. The simplest example is you can break open a flask of oil and then use a fire spell to ignite it. It keeps combat from becoming too much of a "best ability spam" as you're relying more on combos and different enemies are vulnerable to different effects. I also love being making it rain and hearing my characters complain about getting soaked.

Most of all the combat makes me want a fantasy XCOM, blending the tactical combat and strategic building of XCOM with the combat and abilities of Original Sin. Some might argue most fantasy RPGs already do this but I think there's always a niche for more XCOMalikes. to my chagrin I ended up not finishing Original Sin. Nor have I purchased the sequel. This is through no fault of the game's but a combination of lack of time and lack of enthusiasm amongst my friends. Their curse is to fail to appreciate how fun the game is.

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