For the young devil in a hurry I provide these useful notes which may serve one to the purposes of success, should one find themselves on a prime plane in dialogue with forces of the planes above.

Always remember that while we may hold dear these tenets and execute them to the fullest, our counterparts can be less wholesome in their dedication. Plan accordingly.

Inalienable Rights
  1. Right to exist
    • You have the inalienable right to exist on the prime plane. Our counterparts must respect the binding or pact under which your presence is maintained.

  2. Right to work
    • Your duties to Baator include the collection and due punishment of souls judged by the Planes.
    • You are entitled to perform these duties in addition to the remit of your current binding.
    • The Pact Primeval supersedes all others, thus you are entitled to perform these duties even if your current binding forbids you from doing so.
    • The right to work only extends to souls of the departed. You are expressly forbidden from harvesting a soul whose death you caused through action or inaction, unless the owner makes a pact that permits it.

  3. Right of dealership
    • You are permitted to form pacts and conduct business with mortals while on the prime plane.
    • Mortals may be tempted openly so long as you declare your intentions and fully inform them of the results of such pacts.

  4. Right of pacts
    • The devil-on-the-shoulder-clause. A pact may be entered into where each side shall provide an agent to act as a guide to a mortal, in direct competition for the soul.
    • Under such a pact both agents are bound to the mortal subject. They cannot be banished or killed so long as the mortal is alive.
    • Both agents are prevented from harming each other and their charge. There is nothing preventing the charge from hurting the agents.

  5. Right of Interregnum
    • This right must be actively invoked. When used we may ask any question of our counterpart and they must answer truthfully. They may then ask us a question which must be answered in kind.
    • A little known clause that has fallen out of use. Our counterparts started asking for true names. A sub-committee is hard at work on a way to counteract this.

  6. Right to Adjudication
    • This right entitles us to request adjudication by a neutral third party in disputes with our counterparts.
    • May be invoked in the midst of any disagreement whereupon both sides will cease hostilities and submit to the authority of Law.
    • The invocation is specific and if mispronounced may cause one side to believe they must cease immediately while they await arrival of the third party. This usually gives five minutes’ grace local time.
    • The adjudicator usually takes the form of a Modron, though other agents have been seen, including mortal Fraternity of Order members
    • The adjudicator will implement the exact letter of the law and cannot be bribed or threatened. Plan accordingly.

After these come the responsibilities. These are defined in less clear language and thus open to interpretation. Be assured that our counterparts will treat them as if they were rock solid. Do not disabuse them of this notion, no matter how much it may amuse.

Vague Responsibilities
  1. Destroy Chaotic Forces
    While on the prime it is your duty and pleasure to remove those which obstruct the rule of Law or undermine it. Where possible, pass information of such peoples to your upper counterparts. Where necessary, engage them directly.

  2. Obey lawful authorities
    It is of the highest paramount that the rule of Law triumph in the mortal realms. As such you should always act in accordance with the Law and respect those who represent it.

  3. Respect for co-workers
    Despite what you may think, our counterparts are not the enemy. In fact they are fellow employees, working toward the same goal. Their lesser capability should not be looked down upon.

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  • Herod  
    "our counterparts can be less wholesome in their dedication"
    Is this a swipe at me?? It better not be.

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