And I think the biggest problem was the disconnected brutality with which it treats the minor characters of the film. I recall this existed to a degree in the original. We understand that these are not people, only programs. However to us they appear as people and act as people, so when they are treated so diffidently and killed off so casually it hits our suspension of disbelief. How can the Grid be believed as a living world when its characters are mere punching bags?

Take the example of CLU's unnamed lackey. This program acts as his announcer and follower. He has a fawning, smug attitude. We understand he's just there to be on the winning side. When threatened by Sam he humorously cowers, only to turn around and again profess loyalty to CLU when the danger has passed. He is promptly killed off by an unimpressed CLU. In an ordinary movie this might just be to demonstrate the bad guy's brutality. However there's more.

At Castor's club a scarred Resistance leader tries to gain an audience with Zeus. Who is he? What left him so visibly mutilated? Why does he seem so passionate? We never find out as when CLU's soldiers appear, he tries to fight and is immediately killed.

The bike riders on Sam's team. Why are they forced to play the game alongside Sam? One offers advice and works with him to defeat some of CLU's riders. We never find out anything about him or the others because they die before the game ends.

It goes on and on to the point where a minor character surviving their appearance is a surprise. The film isn't a hi-adrenaline roller-coaster from start to finish. It does give time for character moments. Quorra talks about what books she likes. CLU has a flashback to his birth. Sam, sort of interacts with Castor's assistant, but it doesn't go anywhere and she gets killed off-screen. Tron: Legacy seems determined to tear down the world it builds, as soon as it introduces it. So the question becomes why should I care when the movie doesn't? Overall this was the real detractor from the experience.

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    In fact no matter іf someone doesn't understand afterward its up to other people that they will help, so here іt happens.

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