Orbs of Virtue is my latest project, a roguelike based on Spheres of Power. While it's not ready for a public alpha yet it's going quite well so I thought I'd take the time to publish a roadmap detailing the next development steps.

This week I built the Spell Mixing Screen which allows you to create destruction blasts of varying types, shapes and other enhancements. I also added my first creature to the game, the humble goblin.
Since you can now make spells based on your talents, the logical next step is to make it so you can select talents on your character. I also want to advance the levelling system in tandem and test the creature templates I've made.

  1. Creatures in game - done

  2. Templated Creature in game
  3. - done
  4. Creature generation
  5. - done
  6. Talent Selection Screen
  7. - done
  8. Integration of talent selection into Level Up

At a rough estimate there could be a month's work in here, or maybe as little as two weeks.

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