I had heard a great deal about the Witcher 3's main city Novigrad. I have a hankering after big cities in RPGs so I borrowed a copy just to check it out. I played through the prologue, White Orchard, and progressed far enough to reach Novigrad and agree with all the hearsay. It is a well-designed and ambient city. But what did I think about the rest of the game?

Well it's an evolution of the Witcher 1 which I played extensively. It's got good and bad points. The world feels very gamified with levels on equipment, monsters, everything. It's quite cinematic with well-defined characters. It wants to tell a story and is confident in how to do it. Ultimately it's a good game in its genre, open world RPGs, it just isn't to my taste.

That's really all I can think of to say about it. I will write a bit more about cities in games and the delicate balance of having enough without it becoming tedious.

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