And on into southern Kalimdor.
Kalimdor South marked
Down the road from Desolace lies the jungle of Feralas. The air is thick and muggy. Light trickles between the trees, tinted by a canopy of evergreen. Past the twins the road wends its way down the Wild Shore. A boat here can take travellers to the Alliance island of Feathermoon Stronghold. The oldest elven buildings though are found inland. Beyond the shore the road leads up to Dire Maul. Once an elven city it is now an ogre infested ruin, one of the principal high-level dungeons of the original game. In Burning Crusade it is less frequented, adventurers instead hunting the great beasts of the Upper and Lower Wilds. Those daring enough may also find the first of the silithid hives. These bizarre insect mounds are found throughout southern Kalimdor, but more on that later. Past the Tauren camp the terrain grows rockier until the humidity dies and the world becomes a valley.

The Thousand Needles, don't worry, there's only twenty five. This mesa filled canyon is one of the more dramatic sights in Southern Kalimdor. Most travellers will inevitably first see it from the Great Lift going from the Barrens. The Thousand Needles have roughly three great areas. Firstly the ground itself, wending between the mesas can be a hazardous path, fraught with beasts and centaur. Should one find access to the heights of the spires they'll find no less danger for the Grimtotem, a tribe of xenophobic tauren, have their main camp there. Surrounded by angry bulls, the only escape is to jump. The final area, no less impressive, is the Salt Flats in the east. This stinging desert is home to an endless race track where goblins and gnomes compete for the honour of the least exploding racer. The salt flats are a great place to crest the rise to level 30 though they're rarely quiet. To the south is a narrow gorge where our next destination lies.

The shifting seas of Tanaris. Tanaris is the first great desert of Southern Kalimdor. Sand runs right to the ocean here and swallows up most attempts at a permanent settlement. Only Gadgetzan survives the frequent dust storms, the goblin capital host to frequent Horde vs Alliance skirmishes. There's no shortage of other strange creatures though. The coastline is infested with pirates, the deserts with bandits and trolls. Bones aplenty occupy the very center of the desert while cruising south eventually leads to the strange sights of the Caverns of Time and Uldum. The final sight to take in of Tanaris is the Hive. It is here that the silithid first become apparent more than some insectoid pest. Traversing this pulsing, twitching place is not recommended for the rewards are few and the enemies are numerous. The best course of action is to avoid it entirely, instead seeking the slope that leads downwards and westwards.

Down into Un’goro Crater. The air turns humid again as you descend. Great trees loom over shallow pools and muggy swamp. Smoke belches from the fire plume ridge, lighting up the crater. Climbing the walls of the crater is impossible but for a few narrow paths. Strange crystals flicker on the cliffs, their purpose unknown. Oh and there's dinosaurs. Not just the raptors of the barrens or the stegadons of Durotar. Devilsaurs roam the crater, ravasaurs patrol the ridges and don't forget the stegadons. Un'goro is the land that time forgot. If you're lucky enough you may find Marshal's Refuge, where a few survivors of an expedition eke out a living amidst the tyrant lizards that hunt the ends of the earth. But before we finish there's one last place we must go.

If you're clever enough you may find the secret ridge that leads west from Un'goro. Great, more desert you think. But no, this is Silithus and you can hear it immediately in the terrible buzzing that never ceases. You can see it in the great spires of... thing that reach toward the sky. Silithus is at war and the silithids are winning. From their sally point at the Cenarion Hold champions ride forth to cut down wave after wave of the insectoid warriors, only to flee when their numbers are replaced effortlessly. Hives coat the sand, hard at work spitting out more soldiers to the slaughter. Before the expansion Silithus was a place for madmen and insectophiles. and only the maddest would gather their forces and ride south. There at the edge of the world rests the city of Ahn'Qiraj. Strange and angular, this city was built by no mortal hand. And those who dare step inside, well reason was already lost to them.



  • Heroh  
    "The Thousand Needles, don't worry, there's only twenty five"

    PS: NEVER take me to the Hive.
  • Mr. Stabby  
    You realise this is a package tour and these posts describe our agenda right?
    • Heroh  
      Ach Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! The pamphlet didn't mention this!

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