Young and plucky many have been your adventures against the basement rats. Yet the other day a courier came with grave news. Your old Uncle recently passed away and you have been called to the little hamlet of Watchoutforthe to hear the reading of his will. The courier intimated that there may be a little something in it for you. You have travelled by carriage and then by boat, to the east. The hamlet nestles in the shadows of a crumbling castle, perched high on the cliffs overhead. What adventure awaits you? Check us out at #Writefag

Some links relevant to the campaign.

Party Lootbag

Map of the Castle
Map of the Surrounding Forest

This is a planescape game! From here lies the multiverse. Combat is always optional. We are using pathfinder rules. Characters start at level 3, outfitted with up to 3,000gp worth of equipment. 25 point buy, 1 trait. Remember to be nice to your players and your GM will be nice to you. If you want to play something extraordinary such as a non-humanoid or a homebrewed class consult your GM.

The gametime is on Mondays at 19:00 UTC +0

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