There's a saying on the plains. If you meet a blind man on the road, kill him.

Now I know what you're thinking but let me explain. You see, there's a story to go with the saying. Everyone knows it, no one ever tells it; until now. It goes that a king out riding met a blind man stumbling along the road. Being the generous sort the king ordered one of his guards lead him home. The blind man responded with these words
“You are very kind great king, but I would fare better on your horse.”
The king was offended at such insolence and rode off with his entourage.
Now as the day closed the king rode back the same way. But a hundred yards from this morning the blind man still struggled. Seeing this the king's heart softened and he ordered his guards to help.
Again the blind man refused “for whom would you give up your horse?”
Enraged the king ordered the blind man beaten. The guards drew their knives, and held them up to eye level.
The blind man stared at nothing “A king who will not give up his horse, deserves to have it taken.”
The guards circled their king, their eyes dark. Then they closed in.

So it goes that a king out riding met a blind man stumbling along the road.

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